I have to be honest, a good portion of my income goes to book purchases, and of that a really big chunk is for Dreamspinner Press books. Their books are consistently well written, thoroughly researched, and tightly edited. I wanted to be able to call myself a Dreamspinner author in the worst way, but was I good enough?

I came across a call for submissions for a Dreamspinner Press line called World of Love. At the time, they had yet to publish any books from the line, but it was based on the success of their States of Love line. In order to be considered, a detailed synopsis had to be sent, and based on that you were able to “reserve” your country. If they didn’t like the book you wrote, the country went back up for grabs.

Since I am usually a pantser (writing by the seat of your pants), not a plotter (outlining the book in advance), having to write this summary in advance was really tough. But when people say writing is a process – they mean it. Not just the process for each work, but the process by which you hone your craft. I’m impulsive and easily distracted, so that’s why I stuck with pantsing, but interestingly enough, that is not the ideal method for me. Being forced to write a detailed outline really helped me stay focused and thoroughly develop my characters. I was pantsing when I should have plotting – who knew?

I will definitely be blogging more about the process that went into writing this book in future posts, but I am so happy to share that my World of Love novella, “Ahava is Love” will be released by Dreamspinner Press on July 5, 2017! Click here for the Goodreads link, please add it to your to-read shelf, I know you will have so much fun with Josh & Yaron as they find love in Israel!

Ahava is Love by Avery Duran, Gay Romance, finding love in Israel