For Valentine’s Day, 2016 I was lucky enough to be a part of an anthology curated by R.J. Scott at Love Lane Books. She envisioned a free anthology incorporating new and established authors. She is an incredibly talented and deservedly successful author. Her willingness to pay it forward for a bunch of unknowns shows her amazing heart.

I submitted a short story, “Cupid in a Stroller,” for her consideration, and it was accepted! She edited the story and gave me so much guidance. Working with her was such a privilege. The book was published, containing stories from some of my favorite authors (who generously gave of their time and talent to be included) along with some great new ones – it was really an honor to be chosen.

Recently, I revised and expanded Cupid to be a 10,000 word novelette. It’s been re-edited and has a beautiful new cover designed by Reese Dante. This has been my first venture into self-publishing, and there’s been quite a learning curve. I plan to get the novelette released shortly. Please sign up for my mailing list to be kept in the loop!

"Cupid in a Stroller" Gay Romance by Avery Duran

When Brooklyn candy store owner Reese Thornton needs a break from the Valentine’s Day rush, a walk seems like a good idea. His day seems to pick up when he sees the man of his dreams pushing a cat in a stroller. Unfortunately, Reese does not have a working brain-to-mouth filter, and Mr. Right finds Reese to be Mr. Wrong. When their paths cross again, will he be able to hold onto Gideon, or will Cupid’s arrow miss them both?